What is Cipher ?

This is the official Cipher Website. Cipher is a gaming community, founded by a circle of friends and expanded in to a full-blown organisation with dozens of active members. Our community provides regular community games, channels to chat with other members and some designated competitive game teams (R6S/CS:GO/Tarkov etc). Cipher is a great place to find some people to play games with, both competitively or just for fun.
 We as a community are expanding and becoming more popular everyday. As explained above we not only have a large base of members that you can play with, we also have a stream team! That’s right here at Cipher we want to help those wanting to stream with support, and that’s exactly what we are doing. You can find a full list of all our streamers and support them on our stream team page!
We are a Community for our members! If you feel you have a reccomendation for us then bring it forward and we’ll take all of it onboard and make this place best suited for everyones needs!
Have fun gaming whilst making friends for life at the same time!

Why join Cipher ?

Community Games

Every week we play community games. These games vary all the time so its not just the same game all the time! Members are our focus point here at Cipher!

Game Servers

We also have our Own dedicated game servers for our members to have fun on! No longer will you need to worry about other players. All rules are enforced correctly and all is ran by Cipher.

Friendly Members

All of our members love being in the Cipher Community! We all help each other, game with each other and be there for each other. We are a family and no one is left out!

Stream Team

We took it upon ourselves to help out our members in another way! Our stream team is a great way for our members who stream to support each other and receive support to better their streams!

Our Games